Basement Waterproofing Corp.

Basement Waterproofing Corp. is Chicago’s number one basement waterproofing company!  If your basement needs waterproofing you need to get to know us!  There is only one permanent way to get rid of water seepage in basements for life and we offer that solution.  Our system is flawless and we put our Basement Waterproofing Corp. guarantee on it. 

Does your basement only flood on one wall?  Are there cracks in the walls or on the floor that seep water?  Basement Waterproofing Corp. has the key to a dry basement.  If the water only comes in on one wall it could simply be one failed drain tile.  To replace the drain tile on that wall is simple and easy for professionals like us to do.  With all the tools and experience we have in waterproofing we are sure to get the job done right for you the first time.  If your basement has cracks and you need them sealed we have a full proof method that will prevent water from entering the home for good where the cracks are, sealing them permanently!

There are so many different ways that water can enter a home and an array of problems associated with a leaky basement.  It is important to have a professional come out to evaluate your basement to determine what the exact problem is.  No matter what the issue is Basement Waterproofing Corp. has a solution.  We also do structural repairs.  New footings, anchors, pinning, crawl space to basement conversions, new “I”-beams and much much more!  Give us a call or you can request a free evaluation and estimate online! You will be happy you choose Basement Waterproofing Corp.

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