Basement Waterproofing

We are proud to announce that Basement Waterproofing Corp. has its own website and is up and running.  If you live in the Chicago land area and you have a basement you at some point may have needed a waterproofing company.  Basement Waterproofing Corp. is the perfect company for you.  We have designed a basement waterproofing system that will last the life time of your home and give you the added security you deserve.

Many basement waterproofing companies use systems that simply are not affective for the long term.  Some contractors inject clay on the outside of your home around the foundation claiming their process is less invasive and works.  Basic knowledge tells you that there is already clay in the dirt around your house and it clearly has not stopped water at this point.  The clay injection system will keep your basement dry for a short period of time but as it deteriorates and moves the water again seeps into the home.  Other companies designed a 2 inch plastic drain tile that rests on the footing of the basement floor. This method serves no purpose.  It is installed to shallow to effectively work.  When the water table rises the water still seeps into the basement. 

The system Basement Waterproofing Corp. uses is superior because we install a real socked drain tile at least 12 inches below the footing.  The drain tile is protected with lava rock and drain board is installed above grade as a preventative measure against future wall cracks.  We do basement waterproofing right the first time and offer a lifetime transferable warranty on our waterproofing work.  Give us a call or you can request a free estimate online if you need basement waterproofing or you simply want to prevent water seepage in the future!

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