Burbank Crawl Space

Do you live in Burbank IL?  Do you have an unfinished crawl space?  Most of the homes in Burbank IL have crawl spaces that are exposing the ground.  Either they are dirt, p-gravel, stone or sand.  These surfaces in the crawl space are actually hazardous to your health.  Radon is leaking into the home at an unsafe level.  Moisture which is causing mold and mildew to grow is another issue with unfinished crawl spaces.  Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing offers a solution to these unfinished surfaces.  Our solution is permanent and with it you get a Lifetime Transferable Warranty!

Burbank Foundation Repair

If your foundation walls have cracks in them Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing can help with that also.  We use a method that seals the crack from the inside out.  Drilling in the wall where the crack is every 6 inches and injecting a 2 part epoxy then sealing it with polyurethane foam.  Our method will prevent the foundation wall from ever leaking in the same place again!  We also offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on the foundation crack repairs.  Check out Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing in Burbank and get a free estimate on your lower levels!

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