Elmhurst Crawl Space

Are you an Elmhurst resident and have a crawl spaces or a leaky basement?  Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing Corp. is your refuge.  We are a licensed and bonded waterproofing and foundation repair company.  With over 30 years of experience working with concrete in Elmhurst we are happy to be the leading crawl space company in the Elmhurst community.  Crawl spaces if not sealed up like the rest of the house can be very harmful to your home and the people living in it.  There are seriously too many problems to list but the top issues are radon, mold, mildew, bugs, and rodents.  All we do to your unfinished Elmhurst crawl space is sealing it up just like a basement would be sealed.  Contractors cut corners to save money on homes when they built them with a crawl space.  Now it is actually illegal to build with an exposed area.  Give Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing a call or you can request a free estimate online. 

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