Markham Crawl Space

Does your Markham home have an unfinished crawl space?  If your crawl space in Markham is dirt, gravel, stone, or sand your home is in danger.  I say this not to startle you but to inform you of the hazards of an unfinished crawl space.  Radon, a deadly gas, seeps into the home through exposed surfaces.  Having a real vapor barrier will protect you.  Mold is created when moisture and air are together in a confined space.  A crawl space that is exposed, even if there is plastic on the ground, is a perfect place for mold to grow.  Bugs and rodents get into the home through your crawl space if there is not something to keep them out.  Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing Corp. will put a stop to these problems!  Our systems will redirect the water out of the house and create a barrier against pests and critters.  Home owners in Markham choose Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing Corp. over the competitors because we offer a lifetime solution.  By placing drainage, drain board up the walls, a 10 mil vapor barrier, and concrete we keep your crawl space clean and free of unwanted stuff.  Request a free inspection today!

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