How much do you spend on storage?

Americans as a whole spend 22 Billion dollars on storage.  Think about how much money you spend each year on storage.  Is it really a reasonable expense?  There are other options.  If you have a home with a crawl space that is one place you could store things.  Most people don’t even use that extra space because it is musty, damp, dirty, or it doesn’t have a concrete ground.  There is a solution!

Concrete Crawlspaces will encapsulate your crawl space with concrete, a vapor barrier and spray foam insulation.  These three things will keep the crawl space clean and free of contaminants.  It will actually make it a pleasant place to be. 

If you had 1,000 extra square feet in your home for storage what would you do with it?  If you would like more information you can request it from Concrete Crawlspaces and they will even come out and give you a free inspection.