Concrete Crawlspaces – Mold and the solution!

Did you know that an unfinished crawl space can cause mold to grow in your home?  Having mold growing in the crawl space can be a danger to everyone living in the house.  There is a solution for mold growth in an unfinished crawl space.  The solution for removing mold in a crawl space is to get rid of the water. 


When water and air are combined mold grows.  So you are probably wondering how do I get rid of the water in the crawl space.  First, I think it is important to know how the water gets in the crawl space.  Water comes from the earth.  Water always has to meet a level plain.  When there is a dirt, gravel, or a sand surface under a home (below grade) and the water table rises the moisture seeps inside the house. This is called hydrostatic pressure.  Water may also be seeping into the crawl space from foundation cracks. 


The process that Concrete Crawlspaces takes to ensure a dry crawl space is as follows.  First and foremost we prepare the home with protective plastic sheets.  Then we remove all the debris in the unfinished area.  Next, the perimeter of the crawl space has to be trenched and drain tile is installed.  To protect the integrity of the drain tile and ensue it doesn’t clog lava rock is placed around it.  The lava rock is porous and allows water to travel through it while catching any dirt that travels through.  While the perimeter is being trenched another worker is inspecting the walls for any foundation cracks and if there are any injecting the cracks with a 2-part epoxy every 6 inches.  Fixing the foundation cracks like this is the best way because we are sealing it from the inside out and the bonding agents in the epoxy are a lot stronger then the concrete is.  After the drain tile, lava rock, and cracks are sealed Concrete Crawlspaces installs drainage board up the walls above grade and on the drain tile.  The drainage board is extra insurance in case in the future a new crack in the wall occurs.  Next, the 10 mil chemically treated vapor barrier is installed over the dirt and the drain tile.  Finally we pour 4 inches of fiber mesh reinforced concrete over the plastic and smooth it off with a darby finish.


After the concrete dries we have our sister company, GoFoam Inc., come out and install closed cell spray foam on the exterior walls. Now your crawl space is completely encapsulated and has been repaired from a hazardous allergen collector to a safe place to store things.  Contact Concrete Crawlspaces to fix your crawl space today!  We are professional at waterproofing crawl spaces and we want to help you with yours!