Why Repair Your Crawl Space?

More often than not people would rather fix an outside appearance of a home.  Does that make any rational sense to you?  Are you the type of person that would rather have a new deck in back than a crawl space free of allergens and moisture?  Me personally when it comes to my home I like to do 2 big projects a year.  One on the inside and one on the outside is my motto.  This year I added a new heating system to my pool and extended my kitchen.  So why repair the crawl space?


You should repair the crawl space because if your crawl space is unfinished with only a dirt, gravel, stone or sand finish you leave an exposed area for pests into your home.  This unfinished surface is a breeding ground for mold and in Illinois there is a very large amount of radon gas.  The radon gas can cause cancer.  Mold causes asthmas and when people live in the home that already have allergies it increases the chance for issues. 


Repair your crawl space and protect your home.  It is that simple.  You increase the value of the home by adding a finished surface down there and it also will give you a great place to store your things.  For a free estimate on your crawl space check out Concrete Crawlspaces and repair your crawl space today!