Clean Up Your Crawl Space!

Is your crawl space a mess?  Are you worried about mold or other contaminants coming into your home?  Have you ever thought about the air that you breathe?  Most homeowners that have crawl spaces do have mold and contaminants in their crawl space.  There is a way to clean up your crawl space.  Concrete Crawlspaces has a real solution to clean up your crawl space.

We have field agent who will come out and take an honest look at your lower levels to see what is really going on down there.  They will make sure that it is inspected properly.  If you decide that we are the company for you the first part of our job in waterproofing your crawl space is to clean up your crawl space.  We place protective sheeting on the ground throughout the house and we remove the debris.  After we are finished with the job you will only notice that we were there because you will no longer have any of the musty odors and you will probably have more free space. 

Have an agent come out and see if we can clean up your crawl space today.  We will make sure you get the best service from start to finish!

Plastic and Concrete!

Do you know the difference between polyolefin and polyethylene?  Did you know there were different types of plastics available?  A lot of people think plastic is plastic and that is just not the case.  Polyethylene is the most common plastic and it is used as a vapor barrier by the competition.  It typically is only 4-mil thick and it will break down over time especially when concrete is poured over it.  The corrosive agents in the concrete like lime will eat through the non treated plastic and eventually there will be no vapor barrier. 


When you use plastic under concrete you need to use a stronger plastic.  That is why Concrete Crawlspaces uses polyolefin.  When combining plastic and concrete there has to be something protecting the plastic.  Our vapor matt is chemically treated to protect from break down.  It is 10-mil thick, over twice as thick as our competitors.  The plastic we use under the concrete will last the lifetime of the home and we stand by that by offering a lifetime transferrable warranty.


Other companies don’t use concrete at all and they just do layers of the polyethylene, 4-mil, plastic.  This method will never last the lifetime of the home and will always fail.  From over 30 years of experience using a 10-mil chemically treated plastic and concrete we know our way works and will always work.  For more information on a real solution get a free estimate here!